Aaron’s Nursery offers a wide array of bamboo plants, a perennial evergreen that is also considered a true grass. Bamboo remains one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and the type of bamboo, in addition to climate and soil conditions, most commonly determines growth rate. Bamboo can grow 24 inches within a day, or as much as 2 inches in an hour. Unlike many other plants, bamboo retains the ability to reach full height in just one growth season, which lasts anywhere from three to four months. Giant bamboo continues to be the largest of all bamboos, while other varieties do not grow to be as tall. Found in a number of climates, bamboo can grow in tropical warm temperatures, as well as cold mountain regions. Northern Australia, India, China, Argentina, and sub-Saharan Africa all represent regions with native bamboo growth. Surprisingly, bamboo boasts over 1,400 species and 70 genera. Some species even flower, although most people do not think of bamboo as a flowering plant. This belief may be due to the fact that many flowering bamboos only bloom once every 60 to 120 years.

Especially significant for areas of the Far East, including East and Southeast Asia, bamboo represents an incredibly important cultural and economic product. In these areas, bamboo is often used as a construction component as well as a nutritional staple. Bamboo is also an important part of many animal diets, including the Nepalese Red Panda and the Chinese Giant Panda. Mountain Gorillas on the continent of Africa have also been known to consume bamboo regularly.